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We employ local bookkeeping professionals for small to mid-sized businesses who need traditional bookkeeping, catchup bookkeeping, or forecasting. Whether you are just starting out or are behind on your books, trust our team to provide expert financial services at a competitive rate.

Ahmed Anik Receiving Employee of the Year 2021 Award From Central Station Marketing

About the Owner - Ahmed Anik

Anik has lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since ___. He graduated from the University of Arlington with a Masters in Accounting.

Anik's passion has always been for small and medium-sized businesses. He worked for a prestigious accounting firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but his ultimate goal was always to start his own accounting firm.

He loves the opportunity to enable business owners to achieve their dreams of growing their businesses. He has worked with several local businesses to allow them to achieve their financial goals without having to hire a full-time accounting team.